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I have published app. 25 books on translation, interpretation, bilingualism; Italy, Italian history, political culture and identity, Rome, Italian food; South Tyrol (Bolzano-Alto Adige/Bozen-Südtirol); London; the Mafia; WW2 biographies.

Foreign rights for most of my books are handled by Licht & Burr Literary Agency.


DEN_DANSK_PARTISAN_FLAPOMSLAG (2) TH.jpgLassen_0.jpgKæreste Kek Omslag 03.pngKryssing.jpgBesættelsen i billeder.jpg

Besættelsen i billeder 448 pages, 600+ illustrations, publisher: L&R

A super-size coffetable pictorial history of the German occupation of Demark 1940-45.


Kryssing - Manden, der valgte forkert, 528 pages, illustrated, publisher: L&R

"Kryssing - The Man who made the Wrong Choice": A biography of the Danish officer C.P. Kryssing (1891-1976) who became the first commander of the pro-German volunteer "Legion" Frikorps Danmark and subsequently rose to the rank of Brigadeführer (Major General) of the Waffen-SS. 


Kæreste Kek (with Lene Ewald Hesel), 304 pages, colour illustrations, publisher: Informations Forlag, 2012


”Kæreste Kek” (”Dearest Kek”) is the true story of Ellen Karsten (*1925) and her brother Henrik  (1920-2010), who both served in the British armed forces during World War 2 – Henrik as an officer of the 8th Army in North Africa, the Middle East and Italy, rising to the rank of Major during his service with the British occupation forces in Germany in 1946, and Ellen as a Petty Officer of the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS).

Excerpts from Kæreste Kek

Anders Lassens krig
592 pages, illustrated
Publisher : Informations Forlag, 2010

A biography of Major Anders Lassen, MC**, VC (1920-45) that sets Lassen’s life and career in the wider context of the history of the British Special Forces and WW2.

The Danish edition of Anders Lassens krig runs to 592 pages, including illustrations, notes, bibliography etc. However, an abridged version corresponding to app. 400 pages is available for foreign publishers.

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A short talk about Anders Lassen on Crete (Operation Albumen, June-July 1943 and SENFORCE 1944-1945)


Den danske partisan
392 pages, illustrated
Publisher : Informations Forlag, 2009, 2011
(Previously published as Paolo il Danese, Den danske partisan (Samleren, 2005)

A biography of the Danish Benedictine monk, priest and Army officer Arndt Lauritzen (1915-1978), who spent most of World War II in Italy where he was involved in the armed Resistance and came to command the Catholic anti-Fascist partisan brigade "3. Julia", which cooperated closely with the British SOE's "Toffee" mission.

 About Den danske partisan

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