WEBINAR Special Forces Hero – Anders Lassen VC, MC**

WEBINAR Special Forces Hero – Anders Lassen VC, MC**

Dato og tidspunkt: d. 19.5. 2021 kl. 19:00

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Danish author Thomas Harder talks about his latest book, Special Forces Hero – Anders Lassen.

Informatin in English on Thomas Harder's authorship, Special Forces Hero, excerpts from the book etc.

Until the German occupation of Denmark in April 1940 nineteen-year-old Anders Lassen had no interest in the War. Yet over the next five years he became a Special Forces legend winning the Military Cross three times.  

In April 1945, now a major aged 24, Lassen was killed in action at Lake Comacchio in Northern Italy, where his gallantry earned him a posthumous Victoria Cross. 

In addition to telling Lassen’s story and discussing his wide-ranging research, Thomas will talk about the birth of the British special forces, the war in the Eastern Mediterranean and Greece, and how the actions of a very small group of men on the periphery of the ”real” war were actually an integral part of much larger schemes. 

The session will be moderated by Wayne Harber, OBE K, Chairman, Anglo-Danish Society.


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