Special Forces Hero - Anders Lassen VC, MC**

Special Forces Hero - Anders Lassen VC, MC**

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Information on Ander Lassen and the book


Until the German occupation of his native Denmark in April 1940 Anders Lassen had no interest in the War. Yet over the next five years he became a highly decorated Special Forces legend, one of the few non-Commonwealth recipients of the Victoria Cross and one of only twenty-four officers to win the Military Cross three times.

After taking part in a mutiny on board a Danish ship, he made his way to Scotland. He first joined the Special Operations Executive before serving with the Small Scale Raiding Force, Special Air Service and Special Boat Service. He took part in the daring Operation Postmaster, off West Africa, and raided the Channel Islands and the Normandy coast. He saw most action in Eastern Mediterranean, fighting in Crete, the Dodecanese, Yugoslavia, mainland Greece and finally Italy.

In April 1945, now a major aged 24, he was killed at Lake Comacchio, where his gallantry earned him his posthumous VC.

This superb biography is not just a worthy tribute to an outstanding soldier, but a superb account of the numerous special force operations Anders was involved in.

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